6 July 2009

Two degrees and no more

G8 leaders have called for 80% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
They have also said that human-induced temperature rise must be kept below 2oC. Tony Blair has encouraged rich nations to use ‘clean’ technology, such as renewable energy, while he has also stated that they should pay poorer countries as an incentive to preserve their forests. Blair said that acting on these measures were “urgent”, although progress was being made. He said there was a “general acceptance” of these measures by most people. The ex-Prime Minister added that China has changed its attitude to global warming, and that they are now willing to help.
Mr. Blair also said that "practical policy making" was now needed, and technological solutions to climate change were reachable, saying only political will was needed to implement them. He finally mentioned that it was now time for the people who will have to get the job done to do it. Blair’s report was published ahead of the Major Econ
omies Forum, being held in Italy this week. This sets out seven different policies to cut emissions.
However, critics say that these measures will be scaled back, and many question whether politicians will get the job done in these times of recession.
Also, it is
said that the USA is blocking these short-term targets, and US officials have said that they simply can’t cut emissions quickly enough.
Copenhagen will
host a UN climate change summit this December. Others have called for investment in "clean" energy sources such as wind and HEP, as well as carbon capture and storage, new generation nuclear plants and electric or hydrogen vehicles.

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