9 June 2010

World Oceans Day

With all the doom and gloom surrounding the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, I thought I'd celebrate World Oceans Day with some beautiful images of oceans and the animals and plants that live within them. Enjoy......

First one of my favourite images of a pair of clown anemone fish amongst the tentacles of its host anemone. Second, a shoal of pyramid butterfly fish on a coral reef.

An unusual view of a booby viewed from below, as it dives into the water to catch fish.                           

Next another of my favourite animals, the weird-looking nautilus. This is a cephalopod, a relative of the squid and octopus, with a spiral chambered shell. Usually seen in deep water.

Below is an 'in-your-face' view of a green turtle, photographed near Hawaii.

Another unusual viewpoint, this time a saltwater crocodile on the seabed off the coast of Australia.

This aerial shows Seventy Islands, Palua. These waters have been made into a conservation area where marine animals such as sharks are protected.

And to finish a sunset with an orca. OK, a bit of digital enhancement but an image popular with our clients.

Thank you to Reinhard Dirscherl and David Fleetham (sunset) for supplying the library with these fabulous images.

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