8 October 2010

New photographers

Ecoscene is delighted to welcome some new contributing photographers. Dave Amis is busy documenting the managed retreat at Standford Marshes on the Greater Thames Estuary near Thurrock, Essex. The first part of the process is breaching the sea wall to allow the tides to cover the low lying marsh land again.

David Lygo is a wildlife photographer based in Northern Ireland. He has supplied a great selection of  birds and insects, mostly in flight and taken in the most gorgeous light.

Tom Leighton is London-based and has sent in some images of the new Cycle Super Highways in London. The roads along the route are marked with highly visible blue tracks and each is clearly marked with its own number so that cyclists can follow the routes easily.  Junctions have been redesigned to make them more cyclist-friendly. Route CS7 shown in this images  runs from Merton to Bank,  following the route of the Northern Line.

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